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the VASARI™ personal parking solution.

Autoquip has been the premier North American manufacturer of customized lifting solutions since 1947, and the VASARI™ line of residential parking lifts has been developed and refined to meet the unique challenges faced by homeowners, architects, designers, and contractors when considering personalized, subterranean vehicle lift solutions. Whether the motivation in storing vehicles or watercraft below grade is security, shortage of parking spaces, or a basement level motor-court for a collection of vehicles – VASARI™ subterranean parking lifts can accommodate loads from the smallest jet-ski or motorcycle to the largest SUV or catering van, and can be personalized with variety of platform designs, finishes, and colors.

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The VASARI™ Swimming Pool Lift

Using its 60 years of experience as a leader in designing industrial lifting solutions, VASARI™ has developed a unique solution for urban homeowners who want a pool, but don’t want to dedicate the entertainment space. With yard space at a premium The VASARI™ Swimming Pool Lift allows the urban homeowner to have it both ways! Designed of stainless steel and utilizing the pool water for its power, the VASARI™ Swimming Pool Lift gives the flexibility of having a pool or patio extension, while letting you regulate the depth from patio, to reflecting pond, to wading pool, or full-depth pool.

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